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The Man Behind LOJO Activewear

At the heart of every business, there’s often a team of passionate individuals. Yet, when it comes to LOJO Activewear, there’s just one very passionate and driven person – Laurence Johnson.

Laurence started work on LOJO in January 2021, in the midst of the third Coronavirus lockdown. He soon began to make his dream a reality. The 24-year-old model and personal trainer, who was once on track to become a professional golfer, wanted to create a range of activewear suitable for just about any occasion you could imagine. From working out to eating out, LOJO Activewear is the only brand you need. 

Questions And Answers From The Founder Of LOJO Activewear

Do you fancy finding out more about the man himself? Below, Laurence answers the questions that have been on everyone’s mind since LOJO launched earlier this year.

Do you feel as though your previous experience behind the camera and as a personal trainer helped you to launch your own business?

My experience as a model and a personal trainer has really helped me launch LOJO. Fashion and sport have always been strong passions of mine and I’m a firm believer of ‘if you look good, you feel good’. It was essential to me to create a brand that ensured people feel great wearing the products. I believe having experience in both the fashion and fitness industries has enabled me to produce a product that is not only stylish, but practical and comfortable. My vision with LOJO has been to create not just an activewear brand, but a lifestyle brand for modern-day, active individuals.

What are the best and worst parts of running your own business? Is there anything you find particularly taxing, or anything you wish you could do more of?

Setting up my own brand has been an incredible experience for me and something I have wanted to do for a long time. Like in life, it has its ups and downs but I’m a firm believer in trusting the process. If you have something you are passionate about and believe in strongly enough and you put the work in, it will pay off. It’s been tricky at times to manage all aspects of the business to ensure they all get enough attention. I’d have loved to travel to meet my suppliers around the world in person, so I can sample the products first-hand, however, this hasn’t been possible yet due to the pandemic. As the brand grows, I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to!

We know you’re a big fan of brunch and sport. You’re an avid golfer, but what’s your go-to brunch order?

A tough decision… I’m definitely more of a savoury guy when it comes to a good brunch. My go-to order would have to be smashed avo, crispy bacon and poached eggs on a couple slices of sourdough. Although, the brunch isn’t complete without a strong black americano and maybe a berry smoothie. I may not be a sweet brunch man, but I’ll always take an almond croissant for after.

Why do you think activewear is such an all-rounder? What makes it perfect for all of your weekend plans, in particular? 

The lines between activewear and leisure are becoming increasingly blurred, which has given rise to an ‘athleisure’ market. I’ve ensured that all the products in my line can be more than just a one-dimensional ‘gym outfit’. By having garments that can be worn on multiple occasions, it also reduces the cost-per-wear for the customer. LOJO garments provide the support required for the toughest of workouts and the style to be able to wear out and about with friends. This is where the LOJO ‘Barbells or Brunch?’ slogan came from!

I wanted to give the LOJO name a meaning. The LOJO name was created from my nickname, ‘LOZ’, and surname, ‘Johnson’. As mentioned, being a strong believer in trusting the process, I want people to enjoy the individual path they are on and LOVE the JOURNEY.

The Lowdown On LOJO

There you have it folks, from his favourite brunch order, to the story behind the slogan, Laurence Johnson is a man of many talents and they have culminated to form his business. To check out the range, take a look at the LOJO Instagram page. Don’t forget, if you’re out and about wearing your LOJOs, use the #myLOJOs hashtag!

So, what will it be? Barbells or brunch?